This process involves taking master rolls (which can be up to 1300mm wide) and slitting them into several smaller finished rolls. The width, diameter, and rewind direction of these finished rolls will precisely match the specifications of the packaging equipment on which it will be run.

There’s no room for error during this process. Precise, accurate slitting is absolutely vital to the finished quality of your packaging. We use state-of-the-art slitters and experienced operators to ensure the finished slit rolls meet your specifications exactly.

In-house pouch converting
We have the in-house capabilities to convert rollstock into any variety of premade pouch formats with many different closure options (spouts, press-to-close zippers, sliders, etc.) and many value-added features (handles, valves, clear windows, etc.). We can provide our clients a variety of pouches, like shaped pouches, standy pouches, 3 side seal, four cornered etc.