Pack Point Manufactures Five layer Blown film for various applications like Oil , Milk , Cereals , Rice , grains and many more products which requires high barrier properties.

Blown 5 layer barrier films are produced with blown co-extrusion technology where different resins supplied from a number of extruders are bonded together through a die. The composite structure is then blown up into a bubble.

Films are created by different methods of extrusion. Blown films and cast and extruded films are the three most common methods of creating films.

Blown films, also commonly known as tubular films, are created by extruding plastic through a tubular-shaped die and then stretched and blown with air to create a very thin-walled film. Polyethylene’s such as LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE polymers are common resins that are used to create blown films. The most common product created by blown films is disposable grocery bags and other types of food and consumer packaging.