Through extensive design, technology, customer service, and quick, reliable delivery, PACK POINT has produced a wide range of top-of-the-line packages for a variety of markets including food & beverage, lawn & garden,coffee & tea, and many more.

It includes stand up pouches for snacks, juice pouches, clear lidding films for modified atmosphere packaging, self-venting microwavable packaging, masala packaging, etc.

Our Company members can consult with you on the type of film best suited to protect your product, while our design department is ready to create the perfect package to convey your message.
Seeds & Fertilizers
Difficult to package materials such as seeds, fertilizer, sand and other granular products are a perfect fit for our specialty films and oustanding graphics.
Ready To Eat
During recent years the market for convenience foods has grown rapidly. More and more consumers prefer ready-to-eat (RTE) products because of their advantageous minimal input of time and effort. The increasing awareness of health means there is a need for nutritious, high quality ready meals.. Ready-to-eat snacks like idlis, dosas, pav bhaji etc. are sold across the counter and have a very short shelf-life, hence the packaging requirements of these products are different from those of ready to eat products like curry rice, upma, vegetable biryani etc., which are retort processed for longer shelf-life.
Incense Sticks
- India is a country which is full of diverse, rich culture and traditions which is flowing from many years. An essential part of the holy ritual is the burning of incense sticks which is addressed as agarbatti. It is believed that incense sticks keep away negative vibes out of the house and brings positive energy around us. The packaging design of incense sticks should not cluster with its messaging, and it must communicate a clear value proposition of the product. Type of box should be finalized, which can be a tray, circular cardboard or pouch with zip-lock.
Flexible Packaging is linked to our day to day activities starting from our day start till we sleep in night. All the items require plastic packaging for further use. For better shelf life and strength every product have different packaging style . Products like soap , detergents , toothpaste , shining powder , hand wash , sugar all have different packaging style and combinations . We at Pack Point provide you the best customized solution for every packaging needs.
Retail packaging is the key to successful marketing of modern food products. It goes beyond eye appeal, convenience in size, shape and ease of opening. The product is to be protected against infestation, contamination, entry of oxygen and moisture. As the Bulk density of these products is high, packaging material needs to have good impact strength and good tensile strength for working on FFS machines and good puncture resistance as some grains have sharp edges.
Frozen Food
While freezing, most frozen food products expand up to 9% depending on their moisture content. Therefore, frozen food packaging material needs to be strong and flexible to accommodate these changes. Selecting the right packaging material for your frozen food is the key to the effectiveness of the product. PE films can withstand temperature as low as -40 degrees without compromising film quality. They also deliver good mechanical strength and puncture resistance during low-temperature transportation, handling, and storage. PET can withstand abrupt temperature change. Hence, it is generally used for boil-in-the-bag or microwaveable frozen product packaging’s. Rigid frozen food packaging also uses PET derivatives.
Tea & Coffee
Both M-seal bags and stand up pouches with reclosable zippers are commonly used to package coffee and tea. Foil, metallized and other high barrier structure can be optimized with one-way degassing valves and multiple reclosure options for customized packages.Both M-seal bags and stand up pouches with reclosable zippers are commonly used to package coffee and tea. Foil, metallized and other high barrier structure can be optimized with one-way degassing valves and multiple reclosure options for customized packages.
Industrial Products always looks good in good packaging, We are giving best solution according to their needs and requirement.
Biscuit & Rusk
The bakery industry, production of which has been increasing steadily in the country, is the largest among the processed food industries in India. The two major bakery industries, viz. bread and biscuit account for about 82% of the total bakery products. The packaging of bakery products is closely interlinked with production, preservation, storage, transportation and marketing. This can be achieved either by packing the biscuits in end-fold style portion packs or by gas flushing the pillow packs, thus preventing breakage during transport and retail handling. Ready to sell individually wrapped packs eliminates the hygiene factor risks since the biscuits Flexible Plastic Pouches for Biscuits 76 do not come in contact with the external environment. The appropriate films and correct sealing prevents any infestation by insects. The result is a product, which is fresh and tasty throughout its shelf-life. The pack must be perfectly heat-sealed in wrapping materials with the required barrier properties against light, humidity and external odours.
Mouth Freshner
Keeping up with the changes in the environment, PACK POINT has succeeded in providing non-plastic-based innovative packaging solutions as an alternative to plastic pouches used for packaging of pan masala, guthka and tobacco related products.

Both, Single Layer Aluminum Coating as well as Two Layer Aluminum Coating, Paper based pouches are manufactured for clients all over India.